Success Stories


We can say we have the BEST CrossFit community, programming, and coaching staff in all of Cleveland and a 50-mile radius until we're blue in the face, but we really don't have to. Our awesome members are saying it for us!
  • Jennifer Deitrich

    I’ve already set a PR in my 4-mile, and I plan on breaking 22:00 in my 5K later this fall. I actually run less mileage than I used to, yet I’m faster than ever. I know that’s because I am stronger. I can also dead-lift more than I ever thought I would be able to at this point. My max right now 170lbs. When I first started, I think my max was around 105lbs. I told myself I would dead-lift my weight by 6 months, and I utterly crushed that after only 4 months when I hit my PR in June.

  • Richard Sima

    From 9/1/2014-9/1/2015

    Starting weight: 298 lbs
    Current weight: 218 lbs

    100 Burpees for Time
    Starting Time: 9:37
    Current Time: 4:45

    Starting Time: 10:14
    Current Time: 4:37

    Clean and Jerk
    Starting: 185 lbs
    Current: 245 lbs

  • Michael H.

    I have been working out at CTOWN CrossFit for about 8 months now. Joining CTOWN was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Before starting, I was a little intimidated by the fact that I had little lifting experience. The coaches are extremely patient, and will take the time to make sure that you are performing the lifts correctly. Further, every member of the CTOWN community is willing to help. Since I started working out here, I have seen visible improvements along with a consistent improvement in my overall strength and endurance.

  • Sarah L.

    I watched my husband CrossFit for 2 years or so before I finally gave in and joined as well. I wish I hadn’t waited so long! The coaches at CTOWN are amazing- attentive, knowledgeable, friendly and motivating. I am not a morning person, and these people have motivated me to be at a 5:30 am class 3x/week!

    I have worked with Carl one-on-one and can’t say enough about him. He is smart and thoughtful about his approach. He’s pushed me harder than I thought was possible. He understands why we need to lift and move the way CrossFitters do, and his programming is creative, fun, and effective.

    My first response to “why do you do CrossFit” is ALWAYS “because it’s fun.” I love coming to class, and love the people who are there – staff or otherwise. I love what it has done to my energy level, my body, and my self-esteem. If you are considering joining, do yourself a favor and DO IT!!

  • Rodrigo I.

    This is my first CrossFit experience. After 3 months I can say that it has been the best gym experience of my life. CrossFit is one of the toughest workouts you’ll find, and you couldn’t ask for a more supporting crew than the people at CTOWN. Their primary concerns are that A) you get the absolute most out of your workout and B) you do it the right way. From the start, they’ll guide you step-by-step to ensure that your technique is correct and you’re not taking on more than you can.

    Once you’re in full swing, you can count on the constant support of your fellow CrossFitters. Everyone knows everyone’s name, and you’ll quickly find some friendships, which is a great secondary effect of being part of this gym.

    The owner Larry is really caring and professional, always making sure that we have the best equipment to work with. He and the rest of the coaching staff are constantly coming up with new workout combinations and activities that we can do outside the gym, like happy hours, dinners, and other social events. They strive to build a real sense of community and you’ll see that immediately. . . Alright, you get the point. This is one of best choices you’ll make for your health.

  • Patricia U.

    I just moved to town a couple of months ago and I wouldn’t have had such an easy transition if I hadn’t joined CTOWN. The community is welcoming and the coaching is fantastic. I’ve been to a number of other CrossFit gyms and I have to say that CTOWN stands out as one of the best. During each class, I’ve had a coach help me with my technique and they were always approachable if I had any questions. If you are looking for a gym to join or need a box to drop in on – I’d definitely recommend this one!

  • Steve B.

    I’ve been a member of CTOWN CrossFit for one year. I’ve enjoyed some very positive changes in that year, including loss of weight and inches around my waist, increased cardio endurance and a feeling of general well-being. There are many opportunities to workout throughout the day, which makes it ideal for busy schedules. I’ve found my niche in the early morning classes and have developed friendships and received amazing support from my fellow CrossFitters.

    In addition to the WOD programming, CTOWN offers its members opportunities to also focus on nutrition, mobility, self-defense, and other activities. I’ve found the coaching staff to be supportive, encouraging and they will really push you when you need it most. The facility is first rate, always clean and maintained and offers locker room/showers, which is great when you’re on the go. I was curious, but felt intimidated, to start CrossFit. The intimidation was completely forgotten once I started training and felt the encouragement from everyone I met. It’s been a fantastic addition to my life, and CTOWN was absolutely the right choice for me.

  • Elizabeth L.

    A little apprehensive and not sure what to expect, I walked into CTOWN CrossFit in September 2014 and never looked back. I’ve had such an amazing experience. From the moment I met with Larry, to the start of my personal training classes with Carl, I knew I was right where I needed to be. I had very little CrossFit knowledge prior to contacting CTOWN and was nervous to start. I was put at ease during my personal training classes, learning everything from terminology to technique which has set me up for success during my workouts.

    The coaches are wonderful, want you to succeed and will push to your limits. I can say that it has made me mentally and physically stronger and has showed me that I can conquer just about anything and most importantly, to never give up. I still have a lot to learn with a lot of room to grow and I am looking forward to where CTOWN will take me in my Crossfit journey.



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