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  • Day 38 Freestyle

    CTOWN CrossFit-Downtown – CrossFit DTF

  • Day 38 Freestyle

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  • Cycle A W1D3

    CTOWN CrossFit-Downtown, CTOWN CrossFit West-Fairview

  • Day 37

    CTOWN CrossFit-Downtown – CrossFit DTF

  • Day 37

    CTOWN CrossFit West-Fairview Park –

  • Day 36

    CTOWN CrossFit-Downtown – CrossFit DTF

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    CTOWN CrossFit West-Fairview Park –

  • Day 35

    CTOWN CrossFit-Downtown – CrossFit DTF

  • Day 35

    CTOWN CrossFit West-Fairview Park –

  • Cycle A W1D2

    CTOWN CrossFit-Downtown, CTOWN CrossFit West-Fairview


Q: What is CTOWN CrossFit?

A: CTOWN CrossFit in Cleveland, Ohio is a strength and conditioning facility that provides small group and individual coaching based on the CrossFit Methodology.  Our programs are applicable and scalable for a wide variety of abilities and ages.  We offer traditional CrossFit classes that include barbell movements as well as CTOWN Boot Camp, which is a lower technique option, yes still just as intense as CrossFit.


Q: How many new members do you take each month?

A: We have 8 spots open for beginner CrossFitters each month in our Training Camp. If Training Camp is sold out for a month you can purchase Private Training Camp, however there is an additional fee.  Click here for rates and availability of spaces.  We don’t limit the number of Boot Camp members who can join each month because Training Camp is not required to attend Boot Camp classes.


Q: When do Training Camp Classes meet?

A: Click here to view the calendar.


Q: When do private one on one sessions meet?

A. The schedule is flexible based on your needs.


Q: What are your rates?



Q: What day is your Free Trial class?

A:. It is Saturday at 9am.  If you want to attend a Boot Camp class another day and time you will need to purchase a single class $11 or a 5 class package, which is only $49.  Click here to see the Boot Camp schedule (Green classes) and click here to purchase your punch card.  This gives everyone multiple “no pressure” options to try the gym out before officially joining.  Remember, even when you do join, the commitment is not long term.


Q: I’m worried about embarrassing myself in a group setting because all of this new and different.  Is this normal?

A: Seriously…….everyone started as a beginner.  There are people just like you starting CrossFit every day.  None of us knew our clean from our jerk from our snatch on day 1.  (Yes those are weightlifting terms).  The sooner you start the sooner you’ll become more amazing and awesome than you ever thought possible.


Q: Why is CrossFit so “expensive”?

A: Yoga is $10-15$ per class.  Pilates is $20-$30 per class.  Personal Training is $50-100 per session.  A CrossFit membership is not an “access to a facility” membership.  You are paying for a well designed program and hands-on coaching.  CrossFit classes range in price from $5-$8 per class on our most popular membership options.  Decide how important your health and fitness are compared to your daily Starbucks fix ($4.00 a cup) or eating out once less per week.  We’ve designed our program and our pricing for athletes to get a great value.  We are confident that after a few weeks the results you will achieve will become something you can’t live without.


Q: Does joining CTOWN involve any long-term commitment or membership contract?

A. There is a contract and there are rules when you sign up, but our longest membership term is 12 weeks.  There are also automatic renewal, auto-pay and cancellation policies.  Please read the fine print when you sign up.  If you have a question, ask it first before signing up.  It’s pretty straightforward.


Q: Isn’t CrossFit just the latest fitness craze or fad?

A. This has actually been studied by sociologists.  CrossFit is trending, which means it is becoming more and more mainstream.  The reasons why are simple.  Group exercise works better than working out alone.  CrossFit works for people of all ages and abilities from teenagers to grandparents and from soccer moms to olympians and pro athletes.  Oh, and please let us know when you can win $275,000 and be crowned the fittest athlete on the planet from Tae-Bo, Insanity or Zumba.  Those are all great programs for getting people to become more active, but they don’t have the staying power or yield the broad-based results that CrossFit does.  Fads come and go.  CrossFit is here to stay.



Q: What is Training Camp and why do I have to go through it before I can start regular CrossFit class?

A: Training Camp is described HERE.   Training Camp is a prerequisite for entering regular CrossFit classes because there are foundational movements that you must learn.  Mastering the basics before progressing is key to maximizing your results.


Q: Why is there no Training Camp required for Boot Camp class like there is for CrossFit?

A: Anyone can attend CTOWN Boot Camp because the movements are non-technical.  The workouts in Boot Camp are just as challenging as any CrossFit WOD that we do.  Not as technical does NOT mean watered-down.


Q: What are the qualities I should possess before I join CTOWN?


1. A can-do attitude and a willingness to work hard everyday.

2. The ability to check your ego at the door and not be concerned with how much weight everyone else is lifting or how fast they finished the workout.

3. The ability to pay attention in class and remember that what you learn today will be used tomorrow and the next day and the day after that.

4. A strong desire to be “part of something”.  You are not just an ID card with a barcode on it at CTOWN.  CTOWN is a family.

5. An understanding that you will be asked to focus on technique first, consistency second and intensity third.  Ignore this rule and you will fail or get injured, neither of which are our fault.

6. The ability to laugh, because we have a shit-ton of fun busting our assess and celebrating our accomplishments.


Q: Why do so many people look at CrossFit and say, “I could never do that kind of workout.”

A. Simple, because they are scared to fail or be embarrassed.  With passionate and dedicated coaching, supportive and dedicated peers, and your commitment, the words, “I could never…..” will quickly disappear from your vocabulary.

Q: It seems your environment is more structured that some other CrossFit boxes?

A:  Everything about our programs that is different has a purpose.  That purpose is to give you the best coaching and the best possible results.  We are keenly focused on proper movement mechanics and a strategically superior program design.

Q: Exactly how “intense” is each workout?

A: While we do workout in a group environment, you are here to do your best, not beat someone else.  We are here to support you in pushing that envelope towards your next goal.  One rep at time.

Q: What sort of results can I expect from a program like this?

A: Someone who dedicates themselves to CTOWN CrossFit as their principal fitness routine can expect:

  1. Improved body mass composition (obviously your diet is a factor)

  2. Improved strength, stamina and cardio-vascular health

  3. Improved flexibility, range of motion, core strength and agility

  4. Oh, and you will look better in your bathing suit!

  5. There will also be results that you did not expect.  After a month or two at CTOWN you will start to notice that things you never thought possible become within reach.  Setting goals and achieving them in the gym will quickly impact your life outside the gym.  This comes from your hard work and from the amazing dynamic that is found only in CrossFit.  CTOWN is a special place.

Q: What’s the WOD?

A: The WOD is the Workout of the Day.  When you come to the box each day the WOD will be written on the board.  We will also incorporate warm-up, skill-work and cool-down into your session.  The WOD is the core part of your routine, but it is by no means the only part.

Q: Can I come as a guest or “drop-in”customer?

A:  Out of town drop-in guests are required to have 6 months of consistent CrossFit experience at an affiliate AND familiarity with all of the Olympic lifts.  Please fill out this form to set up your drop-in.  Include your home affiliate name and the dates and times you are looking to WOD and your years of experience.  There is a $15 per day drop in fee or you may purchase one of our Tshirts.  Once approved for drop-in you should go HERE in advance of your WOD to sign your waiver and pay your drop-in fee.  If you don’t find a t-shirt you like we will refund $10 of the $25 fee.

Q: Can I opt out or test of of Training Camp?

A: The only way to test out of Training Camp is to be fully ready to demonstrate, on command, your proficiency with all of the Olympic Lifts plus the dead lift and the squats.  The head coach is the only person who will evaluate test out candidates.  There will be a fee of $100 for the 1 hours session.  This fee is non-refundable and you must purchase your membership prior to scheduling your test out session.  If you want to join our program and bypass Training Camp, you don’t have to be a fire breather, but you do have to know your shit.  After your session, the coach will tell you if you have passed or if you need to jump into the next Training Camp series.