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CTOWN Hybrid Training Model

At CTOWN we uniquely combine the programs described below to craft your individual prescription for a lifetime of comprehensive fitness, active living, healthy mind/body balance and longevity.



We will help you balance common goals such as:
-Weight loss-Nutrition management

-Cardio-respiratory endurance

-Sport specific training:
-Golf – Tennis – Football – Basketball – Baseball – Skiing

-Strength & core stability

-Relieve muscle, tissue and joint pain

-Adventure races and travel activities

-5k, 10k, marathon & triathlon training

-Improved kinesthetic & postural

-Increased self-confidence

What to expect?

Our model is different and much more personalized because the sole focus of your hybrid program is you.

By developing a personal relationship with your Coach for Life, you will be connected with a fitness professional who is responsible (with you) for outlining your personal program for success.

Continued periodic sessions with your Coach for Life will help you learn new skills, set new goals and stay on track. Your coach relationship is an integral part of what will make you successful over the long term.

Most importantly at CTOWN, your coach will help you understand that we train with attention to you and intention to get you active and fit based on your specific goals and keep you that way for life!

Hybrid program pricing is based on the PT/Group class prescription for each client.  PT and Group class prices are outlined below.


Group Training and Private Training Fees 

Group CrossFit Training
Up to 3 classes per week for 12 weeks
3 payments of $139

Up to 6 classes per week for 12 weeks
3 payments of $159

Customized packages are also available to fit your exact needs.

Introductory Personal Training Sessions
Basic 1 on 1 package of 6 1 hour sessions = $329
Designed to fit your schedule

Optional advanced intro 4 session add-on = $219

Train with Friends
Basic 2 on 1 package of 6 1 hour sessions
$229 per person
Basic 3 on 1 package of 6 1 hour sessions
$199 per person



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Personal Training

You will be required to achieve a standard set of benchmarks and a base level of fitness through Personal Training (PT) before you can safely and effectively participate in group classes.


Why Personal Training?

Your prescription for fitness is unique to you.  Group solutions to individual needs are often inappropriate, unsafe and ineffective.

Professional, competent and caring coaches don’t throw players onto the field before they are ready.  The result of that would be injury and a very short career.  We don’t want that and neither do you.

One on one training allows us to address your individual needs, deficiencies, weaknesses and injuries.  Everybody works at a different pace and our goal is to keep you fit and injury free for life.

We believe your relationship with your coach can and will enrich your life.  Spending time one on one with the same coach at the outset will set you up with the right relationship to truly guide you through this lifestyle change.

For a variety of reasons, some clients choose a more private environment to continue their training. This can be a great option for people with schedules that don’t fit regular classes or who may be new to fitness and just need a little more attention and focus from the coach.

Personal Training Rates

Basic Intro – 6 private sessions  = $329

Optional Advanced Intro add $219 (4 additional sessions)

2 person basic intro = $229 per person

3 person basic intro = $199 per person

Graduation typically takes between 2 and 4 weeks depending upon your schedule, goals and baseline fitness level.


What will be accomplished in PT?

First and foremost, PT is about you as an individual, assessing where you are today, where you want to go and the best path to get you there (fitness).  Our goal is not to throw you into an environment or program that isn’t right for you just so that we can say we have the biggest gym in town.  This is about sustainable long-term results.

Your PT sessions will ensure that you have been properly and safely trained on the functional movements as they pertain to CTOWN.  Learning proper form, range of motion, movement & strength progressions, scaling to ability, and intensity are all important to your success.

Some examples are: squatting variations, Olympic lifts such as the clean, jerk and snatch, deadlifts, presses, kettlebells, pull-ups, rowing and many, many more.  In total you will learn 30-40 movements prior to graduation.

Your coach will come to understand any pre-hab/re-hab needs you have that can and will impact your ability to perform certain movements. Identifying your barriers to success in the body and mind and solving those problems can only be done individually.

A minimum of 6 -10 sessions is normally required if you are new to CrossFit, but in the end graduation is competency and goal based.  You will leave PT upon graduation with a clear Rosetta Stone guide to help you scale and modify movements appropriately. Semi-private small group PT is also available (discounts apply).



CrossFit Group Class

Our general strength and conditioning program.


All lifts, movements, and equipment.

Each class will follow the general structure of a warm-up, skill/lift instruction, strength and/or conditioning workouts, and mobility.

CrossFit Group Rates

$139 every 4 weeks (3x) or $159 every 4 weeks (6x)

Prerequisites would include the desire to get off the couch and into the game and the achievement of our baseline fitness benchmarks.

Here you will sweat along side your friends, celebrate every milestone and goal with a high-five or fist-bump and learn that exercise can indeed be fun, effective and rewarding all at the same time.


Clinics, Seminars, Workshops


We will also constantly provide technique classes to improve the various different aspects of our strength and conditioning programming; such as, basic barbell and Olympic lifts, bodyweight and plyometric training, gymnastics, and running, to name a few.
Classes will always be limited in size, so as to provided the most coaching and instruction for your development.  Pricing varies based upon content, staffing and class size.


CTOWN Yoga Tune Up®

Yoga Tune Up® is a specialized conscious fitness program combining corrective exercise, yoga, and self massage. Yoga Tune Up® goes after the three P’s Pain, Posture, and Performance. Our goal is to eradicate pain, improve posture, and enhance your performance. This class will help you identify your “body blind spots”; areas in the body that are misused, overused, abused, or underused, which are usually the catalyst for pain and injury.

This is the class to learn how to take better care of yourself and help you achieve more. Learn your body, learn to make a better decision, and live better in your body.


If you have YTU tools of your own, please feel free to bring them. We will also supply tools that can be borrowed during the class time.

CLICK HERE to purchase a drop-in for YTU or Combatives

CTOWN Combatives 

This class is a blend of many styles, tutelages and lineages of martial arts. This is the no-nonsense style of martial arts. Its not flashy, its not fancy. Its about getting the job done.

This class is a result of  20 years of honing this style and delivery to make the most effective, well-rounded art that you could embark upon. This is will teach you how to more effectively defend yourself if ever caught in a bad situation. This is the tool you want to have, yet never hope to use. It will be intense, it will build self-confidence, and it will teach you how to keep yourself safe in a bad situation.

The drills and skills push the envelope of your mental and physical capacities. This course will be dealing with the following:

  • Effective use of weapons (elbow, knees, fists, etc.)
  • Exposing attacker vulnerabilities (eyes, nose, throat, groin, etc.)
  • Dealing with multiple attackers
  • Defense against edged weapons
  • Ground fighting
  • Limb Destruction (filipino boxing)



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