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CrossFit - Our general CTOWN strength & conditioning program. There is no ConWOD; no more Sport. This is CrossFit. All lifts, movements, and equipment. Each class will follow the general structure of a warm-up, skill/lift instruction, strength and/or conditioning workouts, and mobility. If you want to kick ass in a local CrossFit throwdown, run a 5k, play some pick-up basketball, live a healthier, more fit life, and look great naked, this program will exceed your needs. The general goal of our CrossFit program: be the best damn you, you can be.

Prerequisites would include the desire to get off the couch and into the game. In other words, this program is for EVERYONE.

CTOWN Boot Camp – This class focuses on introducing an athlete to CrossFit with an intense workout without worry of being “too technical” for first-timers to intermediate level athletes. Great for all levels, whether it’s your first day or you just want to kick butt without worrying about your snatch, clean or jerk. This class gets you hooked.  Training Camp (below) is not required for attendance at Boot Camp.

Advanced – Our sport-specific strength & conditioning program. Training with the purpose of preparing athletes for barbell, strength and team sports. A more detailed desire to establish proficiency with the barbell and gymnastic skills. All Competitors actively participate in the sport of CrossFit by meeting the requirement of competing each year in two local, regional, or national CrossFit competitions, as well as the CrossFit Games Open. The competitors program is in addition to the CTOWN CrossFit programming with the general goal for the competitors program: to excel in the sport of CrossFit. Competitor classes are designed to supplement your CF classes, not replace them.

General prerequisites include completion (or waiver) of Training Camp, active participation in CrossFit classes, a multiple competition requirement, and general comfort with the Olympic lifts and gymnastic skills. If you would like to get involved in the Competitors classes, please contact Carl D.

Outside The Box - Simple: training together outside the gym. Classes will meet at parks, the gym and go for a run or WOD around the city, maybe go for a swim or trail run. Each class is led by CTOWN coaches and truly embodies the “function” in functional fitness. Grab your stones and run. Burpees with a swim. Trail runs. You get the point. Playing other sports!

Technique & Seminars – We will also constantly provide technique classes to improve the various different aspects of our strength and conditioning programming; such as, basic barbell and Olympic lifts, bodyweight and plyometric training, gymnastics, and running, to name a few. We will provide constant skill-based training for anyone interested in bettering their abilities. Some of these can be paid seminars and others free technique classes, and a great way to provide continued education for all of the CTOWN athletes. Classes will always be limited in size, so as to provided the most coaching and instruction for your development.

Training Camp - CTOWN’s fundamentals course is taught every 2 weeks and is comprised of 6 1-hour class sessions, containing demonstrations, drills and a workout. We guide our new athletes through the fundamentals of CrossFit as they begin their training at CTOWN. These classes are our foundations or on-ramp course and will teach you the basics of barbell and bodyweight movements and familiarize you  with the Olympic lifts — the Snatch, Clean, and Jerk. This is a mandatory fundamentals for all rookies and suggested to all of our current athletes looking to hone their skills.

CTOWN One-to-One – For a variety of reasons, some clients choose a more private environment to get started in CrossFit. This can be a great option for people with schedules that don’t fit regular classes or who may be new to fitness and just need a little more attention and focus from the coach.

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