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New to CTOWN CrossFit?

CTOWN CrossFit in Cleveland, Ohio is a full-service CrossFit affiliate.

We have a variety of programs and options for beginners and experienced CrossFit athletes to choose from. You can browse the menu items to the left to become familiar with our offerings.

We focus our attention on being extraordinarily effective at coaching our clients to move efficiently, realize their athletic potential and achieve their fitness goals as quickly as possible. To ensure that all of our clients are provided with every opportunity to succeed, we require everyone to get started at CTOWN CrossFit in one of two ways: CTOWN One-to-One or CTOWN Rookie Camp (small-group coaching).  Even experienced CrossFitters can learn from reviewing the fundamentals and we have an opportunity to see how you move and interact with others in the CTOWN environment.  The links on the left side of this page describe the ways you can get started!

Remember, the important thing is not how you get started on achieving better health and fitness, but THAT YOU GET STARTED.  Results don’t happen by accident and they don’t happen by staring at a calendar or sitting on the couch.

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